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Field Day is GRRR's take on a live-action, qualitative omnibus for consumer research at scale & speed. Stay in your cozy office and leave the research to us! We'll report back within 5 days with a robust topline.

Collage of photos; Men and women at laptops and writing. Walls covered in sticky notes. Women walking down a hallway.



1) Sign up for one of our quarterly Field Day dates. Responses from up to 150 general market consumers will be collected on a single day at our facility - The Rec Room - in Richmond, VA.

2) Tell us what you want to know and we can help you craft one, singularly-focused, research question.

3) Pick a methodology like ( survey, try & tell, or video confessional ) or if you have something special, we can help devise a methodology that suits your project perfectly.


We'll pose your question to our respondents and get a topline report to you in 5 days or less. The topline will be an expert analysis of consumer responses, plus strategic implications and recommendations from GRRR's POV.

Wanna play the field? We have limited space for each Field Day and they fill up fast! So if you have questions or are ready to book your spot, just drop us a line:



One of our core values at Good Run is to do as much GOOD as possible and we commit resources to supporting organizations whose mission is doing GOOD in the world. If your 501(c)(3) or other community-focused, non-profit organization has market research needs, click on the link below and fill out an application. We may be able to work with you on joining us for our next Field Day.


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