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Good Run Research and Recreation is committed to the data privacy of our Superstars and clients. Our data privacy practices include:


  1. Individuals and entities who share information with Good Run Research & Recreation (GRRR) own that information. Those individuals and entities have the right to:

    • Know what information GRRR has on file for them.

    • Request that any filed information be removed from GRRR’s files.

    • Request not to be contacted by GRRR.

  2. GRRR only collects personally identifiable information (PII) that individuals and entities voluntarily provide. This PII may include first and last name, email, phone number, and mailing address. PII is used for carrying out market research, hosting events at The Rec Room, and for contacting individuals and entities as needed within the context of this work.

  3. Changes in or removal of information are only made after reasonable confirmation of identity is received by GRRR. This might include an email from the individual or entity’s address that matches GRRR’s records, a phone call from the exact phone number that matches GRRR’s records or provision of a government-issued ID. 

  4. Information shared with GRRR is never shared with anyone outside of our team, without written permission of the person or entity to whom the information belongs. GRRR never sells PII.

  5. Within the GRRR team, data is only shared with those who have an absolute need to know.

  6. Where data exists in writing, it is maintained at our Richmond, VA office. Physical information is purged after 6 months of non-use. GRRR utilizes a professional on-site shredding service, and records of shredding are maintained at our Richmond, VA office. 

  7. At rest, electronic data storage is password-protected.

  8. At both rest and in transit, data is encrypted. 

  9. This Policy is reviewed and updated at least annually. This Policy was last updated on 10/1/2020.


For questions about this Policy, to update your information, to request not to be contacted by GRRR or to request for your information to be removed from GRRR’s files, please contact Sally Raderer at


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