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Growing Good

The Challenge

Our client had been running a forum to inspire a movement to do good in the community for years and was ready to expand to new cities. To prime the movement for success ahead, we were tasked with identifying opportunities to add value to members and manage growth sustainably.


How We Ran With It

We started by becoming part of the forum community, so that we could understand the collective energy and what specifically the forum was adding to each members’ personal righteous missions. From that foundation, we layered on stakeholder and founder interviews and on-site focus groups, to identify need gaps, and opportunities to close those gaps via additional support and services.

Group Discussion

By understanding what attracts members to the forum currently, we were able to contextualize the kind of support they need to feel motivated and empowered to do good in the community. This allowed us to identify opportunities to take the movement to the next level via a premium offering that would allow sustainable growth and ultimately, more GOOD in the communities served.

The Finish Line

Volunteers Packing Food
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