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Inspiring Creative Communication

The Challenge

Our client was looking for a way to leverage fresh, innovative recipe solutions from real consumers as a key component of a new online communications strategy. We were asked to engage consumers in a creative research exercise to bring out their best recipes, inspire new ones, and shed some light on how consumers really use their product.

Lamb shanks on a bed of vegetables

How We Ran With It

This project was ripe for our Superstar Community – a national group of hyper-engaged, super-articulate consumers. We invited some of our best to participate in in-home research sessions that included a series of bake-offs, where respondents prepared and shared their established favorites and then ‘competed’ in teams to create original recipes inspired by group discussion.

Oven mits pulling a casserole out of an oven

We uncovered some hidden truths and secret weapons about the brand, which became cornerstones of the communication moving forward.

The Finish Line

Biriyani chicken on a bed of rice
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