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Kicking The Tires

The Challenge

Our client unveiled a markedly different creative direction to field employees at an annual sales meeting. The field’s reaction wasn’t positive, so the client needed to quickly get a read on message appeal and relevance among their current and prospective customers.

Fixing the Car

How We Ran With It

Using our proprietary FlashQual approach, we tapped a national sample of our Superstar consumers to check out spots from the new campaign and tell us their takeaways and how it affected their brand perceptions.

Audience and Lecturer

From approval, we were able to provide our client with robust answers and insight in three days. We found that the takeaway wasn’t the intended message. Not only was it unexpectedly positive, but it was surprisingly resonant among females — an unplanned and unanticipated bonus that ended up being a brand bonanza. Field crisis management averted.

The Finish Line

Woman driving a car
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