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RVA Recoop

The Challenge

Our client runs an ambitious operation, with the mission to provide new or slightly used athletic shoes to those living at or below the poverty level in Richmond. Fresh off their official nonprofit status in January of 2018, our client believed they were ready to hit the ground running with a new brand look and feel, expanded territories for giveaways, and a game plan to engage with more members of the RVA community. It was our job to figure out how, where, and why donors of all types learn about and support a nonprofit. What makes people care?

Running Shoes

How We Ran With It

First, the team explored what the decision-making process looks like for donors. We interviewed corporate influencers across Richmond to dig deeper into how they evaluate nonprofits to support, and what their key criteria are for selecting a partner. We also surveyed the RVA running community through a mix of social media scouring and in-person interviews to get a pulse on how runners think about donating their sneaks. This methodology gave us a solid starting ground for what the landscape looked like, and where the white space was for our client.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 12.28.14

The research culminated with an immersion session, hosted at the Rec Room. During the interactive experience we presented rooms filled with learnings, key insights, and strategic recommendations for the brand to move forward. These rooms were chock-full of quotes, images, potential partners, and the competitive landscape – all for our client to leverage in order to better connect with the RVA community as a whole and to grow the organization.

The Finish Line

Woman Crossing Race Finish Line
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